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Backyard Putting Greens

Having a backyard putting green in Austin is the ultimate dream for both an avid golfer and for those who want to learn the game in privacy. Backyard putting greens are the perfect way to improve your golf game without ever leaving your house, any time of the day, whenever the mood strikes. Creative Turf Solutions of Texas makes those dreams come true. Browse our exclusive backyard putting green designs and you’ll see that regardless of the size of your yard or space, we can install a quality putting green perfect for professional training and family fun alike.

Custom Designed Putting Greens

Synthetic putting greens are professional grade and are meticulously designed. They offer the ability to simulate the feel and roll as if you were at your favorite course. Our wide selection of design elements allows you to customize your putting green to how you see fit.

Backyard putting greens are a great focal part that can easily be built into your existing landscape. They even provide additional entertainment for the whole family.

We have been designing putting greens in Austin, Texas for more than twelve years. Our experience allows us to design the best putting green for your needs.

Over the years, we have learned some valuable lessons which have led us to be industry leaders in custom backyard putting greens. We have installed over 600 putting greens for our customers and can now complete them in just three days. We design and execute everything in-house for your convenience. Our experience will work in your favor.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss what design would work best for you, or fill out our online form for a free quote.


 In March 2001, we installed our 1st backyard green. It was built on a concrete pad and installation took 4 weeks. In March 2013, we installed our 600th green and it was completed in 3 days. During 12 years, we have developed designs and installation methods that create high quality greens. Our greens are beautiful and provide excellent short game practice and entertainment for family and friends.


 In the early years, we installed lawn grass in small areas around putting greens and swimming pools. By 2006 as lawn turf products improved so did the size of our jobs. In 2010 and 2011 the drought spread throughout Texas and many Texans switched to synthetic lawns. In last two years, we have installed over 100 lawns and this market is expanding rapidly.


In July 2007, we installed safety turf & cushion system under a backyard playscape. The kids enjoyed it and the parents were also pleased. A few months later, we installed safety turf & cushion for a community playscape. After that our playground business expanded quickly. And in last few years, we have installed safety turf/cushions at many homes, child care facilities, and churches.


 In January 2012, we installed drainage turf for a large veterinary clinic in Central Texas. With tech support from the manufacturer, we quickly learned this innovative installation process. By using the drainage turf system, a dog area can be rinsed daily to keep it clean and odorless. And our residential customers are delighted. In the last 18 months, we have transformed several backyards that were dirty, muddy and smelly into attractive areas where dogs & kids can play.

Meet the Owners

Kyle Bryant Owner

Kyle Bryant

Kyle has been a successful buisness owner for several years and together with his wife Amber have grown and expanded their companies year after year.

Amber Bryant Owner

Amber Bryant

Amber started her career as a project manager for govenment contracts overseas and together with Kyle have become successful business owners here in Austin, TX.

Our Vision

We want to create beautiful lawns, that are fun safe and long lasting through out Texas.

Our vision is to provide the best customer service and deliver an experience that exceeds all others.

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