Artificial Turf for Dogs

Pet Turf for your home

When installing turf at home for your dog, here are some important things to consider:

Size and Quantity of the Dogs

  • When clients mention that they are interested in Pet Turf, the first question is typically about the type of dogs or animals that will be utilizing the space. This tells our sales team about the amount of usage that the turf will get, and allows them to make recommendations based on cleanliness and upkeep.

Level and Style of Play

  • Are your dogs diggers? Do they love to sprint back and forth and make sharp turns? Information like this tells our team whether or not additional security for the turf is required. For high traffic play areas or for homes with dogs who want to constantly dig, we recommend installing a lumber border in order to provide additional framework to secure the turf.


  • How active are you in maintaining the space? If clients are looking for a low maintenance, smell-free alternative to natural grass, we offer several different solutions in order to keep the turf fresh. Irrigation systems set on a periodic timer are a popular option to wash away any unwanted smells. We also offer deodorizing infill and numerous cleaning sprays that can be applied to the turf to prolong the freshness of the area.


We also provide Commercial Use Artificial Grass for dogs.