Austin’s Lawn Turf Installers

Are you tired of mowing the lawn and all of the maintenance that comes with taking care of the grass?  Taking care of a lawn can be daunting and time-consuming. That’s why many people have made the switch to lawn turf or artificial grass. Not only does it take away the hassle of dealing with live grass, but lawn turf makes your grass green all year round and it is always at the picture-perfect length. 

No need to worry about walking around barefoot either! Our artificial grass is just as soft as natural grass and there is no dirt involved to make a mess in the house when you come back inside.

Picture-Perfect Artificial Grass

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with your perfect grass. Lawn turfs offer a modern and uniform look that regular grass cannot compete with. You spend money, time, and effort making sure the inside of your home is decorated perfectly, so why not extend that to the outside. It puts the finishing touch on otherwise perfect landscaping. Not to mention the customization of lawn turfs.

Waterless Yards in Austin

One problem with living in Texas is that there are occasional droughts. Artificial grass in Austin, Texas became very popular around 10 years ago when there was a drought because you could still have the green lawn you desired without having to use water. Gone were the days of having dirt and dust surrounding your house when you had artificial lawn turf to replace it. We offer a waterless artificial grass solution here at Creative Turf Solutions of Texas that takes all of the hassles out of lawn maintenance. Since it requires no water it makes it a great environmentally friendly solution. Not to mention, if there is another drought, you are covered. No water or fertilizer needed here!

Synthetic Lawn Turf Gallery